Accessu Fashion GmbH & Co. KG

Accessu is a manufacturer of high-quality scarves, shawls, ponchos, capes and other fashion accessories. The company has been successfully manufacturing in India for many years. In the meantime, at the request of a supplier, a joint venture had been established with this supplier.

However, there were repeated irritations, as mutual expectations were apparently not met. After several years, the decision was made to return to the original form of the supply relationship and the joint venture was terminated. Since then, the relationship with the supplier has also improved sustainably.

Accessu approached us for assistance with the "irritations" in the joint venture. Again and again we were called in to interpret and comment on statements made by the partner. Our job was to keep Schade away from Accessu as much as possible. WB then also helped the company to terminate the joint venture again.

Project Team

Dr. Johannes Wamser
turnaround management
joint ventures
Burkhard Wiegert
Risk management
corporate veil