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Internal & Special Audits and Due Diligences

THE challenge for India

Trust is good, control is better!

Self-disclosure and reality often diverge widely in India. This is not only a challenge during the establishment of a joint venture or the purchase of an Indian company, as there the attempt to take advantage of the negotiating partner, also through misinformation, is an accepted business practice. But also in your own subsidiaries you should regularly cross-check the quality of the administrative work and accountability reports of your local management.

We'll help you...

  • Identify and eliminate weaknesses and future risks at an early stage.

  • to actively seek contact with the authorities in the event of violations of the law and to negotiate solutions.

  • to check and question the correctness of payment transactions.

  • promptly discover and remove the "disclose and, if necessary, sanction the misconduct of managers and employees.sheep" in the company.

  • to obtain full information before setting up a joint venture or buying an Indian company (M&A).

Services (excerpt)

We check the reliability of your administrative processes by means of forensic examinations, thus identifying any weak points and providing you with suggestions for improvement, which we are also happy to implement together with you on site, if desired.

We specifically check the legal compliance of your local management in India (by means of forensic investigations).

We audit the security of your local information systems (including IT security, IT audit, IT risk management and IT governance) by certified (CISA) auditors according to the international ISACA standard.

Evaluation of potential Indian partners or M&A candidates, including financial and legal assessments.

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