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803, 2021

Invitation to the online sales training

Good sales always work in a very similar way: a clear objective, a clean target group focus and a well-managed customer conversation are the nuts and bolts of sales. In this 3-hour online workshop we refresh

1702, 2021

Checklist for sales optimization in India

A large proportion of European companies fall well short of the sales targets they have set themselves in India. However, this has not only been the case since "Corona", but is a chronic phenomenon. Contrary to the

112, 2020

Professional and digital training for India

Like many other companies, Zahoransky Pvt. Ltd. had to temporarily close its plant in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu/India) during the lockdown from March to May. Even with a special permit, operations were initially restricted. The management decided,

2511, 2020

Business Climate Index India 2020: The Results

Current business situation and outlook The Indian economy has been severely damaged by Covid-19 and the lockdown. The IMF forecasts negative growth of minus 10.3 per cent for India. This also suffers

511, 2020

Liquidity planning in India (in times of Corona)

Due to the current economic conditions, outstanding payments in India are often delayed by several months. The Reserve Bank of India advised banks as early as this spring not to pay their customers in arrears.

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