Our main concern is to actively support companies in their rapid and sustainable growth in India. However, it is not only our specialist department WB market solutions® with. True to the motto "Concentrate on your core competencies - we'll do the rest!", we, or more precisely the specialist division WB finance & compliance®, companies free their backs from tedious administrative tasks in India so that you can concentrate on making money.

Outsourcing of administrative tasks to experts

For companies that are just starting out in India and are working the market with only a few sales employees, it makes no sense, for example, to hire their own accounting staff. For example, our Indian subsidiary currently supports around 50 European SMEs and corporate groups in the administration of their company in India. At our locations in New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai, more than 40 qualified employees work directly for our customers.

As a service provider, our Indian colleagues take over selected administrative tasks in financial and payroll accounting. In addition, however, all our customers have access to contact persons in Germany (and Austria). They ensure our quality standards and provide information on complex issues in the field of accounting. Indian tax and company law.

Build. Operate. Transfer. (BOT)

However, our goal is not to take over the administration permanently. Rather, we motivate our clients to take over the administration of their Indian entity themselves as soon as the necessary critical size is reached - i.e. as soon as this makes financial and organisational sense. In this way, a client ideally outgrows our structures within a few years and successively takes over the tasks in-house.

For this transition phase, we offer our clients a so-called BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) model, which can proceed in the following phases:

  1. We recruit personnel (e.g. an accountant) with and for our partners, who work exclusively for and at the customer, but are still organizationally integrated with us.
  2. In the first phase, the employee is still on our payroll and fully integrated into our structures. In this phase, all necessary processes are also jointly defined and implemented on site at the client.
  3. Subsequently, we develop structures, processes and guidelines for the respective company together with the employee and the customer over a certain period of time.
  4. As soon as the customer, we as well as the local employee are of the opinion that all necessary conditions have been created, we transfer the entire structure including the personnel to the full responsibility of our customer.

Of course, we also continue to provide support for complex issues or subsequently often focus on pure controlling and support functions. For example, we can carry out quarterly audits or, if required, a "internal audit" perform.

For further questions regarding Finance & Compliance, Business Support Services, especially our BOT model, please contact our department head Karsten Echle.

Finance & Compliance