Almost every company has found itself in a challenging situation in India. Often, the many (empty) kilometres at market entry, the challenges in setting up one's own sales organisation or the start-up difficulties of one's own local manufacturing site are already frustrating.

Once you are out of the woods, it is not uncommon for unforeseen "issues" to arise in India that cause an above-average amount of management effort and distract from the day-to-day business, or sometimes even jeopardize it. The classics are stress with local authorities, Dispute with the Indian joint venture partner, sabotage, Break with local management, embezzlement, an impending insolvency or highly volatile situations with the workforce such as Strikes etc.

Crisis & turnaround management, restructuring and reorganization

Our department WB turnaround management® specializes in helping companies in precisely these phases and in creating the transition to sustainable business success in India. For this purpose, we offer our clients a pool of India-experienced managers who have already demonstrably mastered crisis situations in India.

In the last few years, we have also been approached by numerous companies that have de facto incapacitated were. The reasons are manifold and already listed above as examples.

Even in situations where companies only acted with lawyers, we have always been able to implement pragmatic solution strategies in the interest of the owner/ parent company. As seasoned managers, all our turnaround experts have already experienced the above-mentioned critical situations in India first-hand and successfully resolved them.

As an interim manager, they can temporarily take over the management in India at any time or conduct negotiations with Indian partners, authorities, trade unions, etc.. If necessary, they call in other experts from our team (legal, tax, HR, production, etc.) to implement important tasks in the interest of the client and in accordance with Indian law. Our goal is to quickly restore the company's ability to act, create structures and deploy loyal local staff in order to be able to do business in India.

But also in the case of impending insolvency our intervention and restructuring have always been able to turn around the Indian subsidiary and put it back on the road to success.

We want your worries!

Managing Director and Head of Department WB turnaround management®

Within the last few years, dozens of rehabilitation and crisis management projects have been carried out with the interim managers and various experts from Dr. Wamser + Batra were successfully completed. This means that the specialist area WB turnaround management® meanwhile the strongest in turnover and fastest growing in our company - and still unique in the market due to the pool of extraordinary personalities.

When we started interim management more than five years ago, we were surprised by the high number of requests. Obviously, there are more and more European companies with serious problems in India that can no longer be solved with their own home remedies. For these companies we would like to be available as a trustworthy contact partner and tackling problem solver.

WB Turnaround Management®