India has issued an immediate entry ban for travellers from Germany, France, Spain and Italy, among others. Thus, planned business trips can NOT take place at the moment. 

Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH therefore temporarily assumes responsibility for companies affected by the current entry ban, which are faced with urgent and important tasks in India. Our (European) experts and interim managers on site in India represent the interests of our clients, be it at business meetings, negotiations, board meetings, shareholders' meetings or even addresses to your Indian workforce, etc.

Entry ban to India is already in place!

The Indian government has issued - with immediate effect, because of the Corona virus - a defacto entry ban for nationals of Germany (and other European countries). All visas that were issued before 11.3.2020 are suspended with immediate effect - see Details. This decree affects all those people who had business appointments in India in the coming weeks and wanted to go on a business trip. For them, entry into India is not possible (anymore) until further notice. In addition, many travellers entering India who have visited Europe and other Asian countries in recent weeks will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine. 

We represent your interests in India, especially in the event of a crisis. 

To all companies affected by this, we offer our immediate operational support in these exceptional times. Through our offices across India, we not only have 40 subject matter experts in all disciplines (administration, human resources, legal, tax, sales, etc.), but also top European managers (such as. Karl Freedmanwho can stand in for you if necessary and represent your interests locally. 

In addition, our customers benefit from the fact that we have long relied on state-of-the-art communication and collaboration tools for cooperation between Europe and India, so that - even if the measures are further tightened - it is always possible for all employees, both in Germany and India, to continue working from "home offices". 

In addition, our tools offer video conferencing and remote access to all data at any time. Thus, business meetings, board meetings and company meetings, personnel selection discussions, etc. can also take place on our premises, where you can participate virtually from Europe in real time. 

Please contact us if we can immediately start working for you in India.