Due to the lockdown, most of the Indian subsidiaries are confronted with collapsing sales and outstanding receivables - with continuing Staff- and operating costs. In order to determine any problems, risks and, if necessary, the amount and timing of the cash requirements of an Indian company, liquidity and cash flow planning is currently of the utmost importance. 

Specifically, we can help you with Budgeting of the current fiscal year (retroactive to April 1, 2020) and in preparing the related Liquidity and cash flow planning Support.  

We recommend creating a 3-year plan (Forecast 1+2) step by step. This will give you and your stakeholders the best possible overview of how your Indian business activities are likely to develop in the future. 

Cash management in times of Corona 

In addition to planning activities, we can also provide you with good support in active cash management on site in India. For example, do not assume that your receivables will be serviced as usual! 

Karsten Echle

Cash management is all about optimising your working capital (receivables, payables and inventories). In short, it is about ensuring that your company is permanently liquid at all times. 

In our next WBinar. Indian subsidiaries facing "new normality tells you Box Echle more on the topics Liquidity and Cash Management during the Corona Crisis. We look forward to your participation. 

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