Within the framework of the WB India Summit we discussed how to best support Indian subsidiaries in mastering the current challenges. Volker Klosowski, an expert in certification as well as pandemic and hygiene concepts, recommends that the responsible managers at the head office seek the most intensive contact possible with the local workforce in India.

However, this "commitment" should go far beyond "moral support". One should be interested in the operational processes and the "whole truth" on the ground. Not infrequently, a more "authoritarian" style of leadership obscures the view of the real status quo.

The crisis as an opportunity for more transparency in India

Through intensive contact with representatives from different levels, hierarchies can be broken down and concrete facts about the current processes can be gathered "on the ground", with the aim of offering concrete support.

This transparency enables all parties involved to jointly develop measures for employee protection, process optimisation and ultimately to secure the company's market position (for example through business model innovations) and competitiveness (improved financial ratios).

Presence in India - even without being there yourself.

In virtually conducted videoconferences, a lot of information can be remote collect information. However, it is often necessary to have a trusted representative on site - not only to systematically and methodically collect information, but also to conduct internal audits or work through checklists. Our process experts on site in India are methodically trained and can provide operational support to your Indian organization and look after your interests in India.

In recent months, we have developed and tested concepts in the area of pandemics, which have now also established themselves as a practical management tool. Please contact us in this regard.