Within the framework of the WB India Summit Berthold Schuler (Managing Director, MT Derm Medical Products Pvt. Ltd., Chennai) reported on the roller coaster ride of his company during and after the lockdown in India and how the German world market leader for apparative cosmetics in the field of injecting substances into the skin (including tattoos) was able to record record sales again within one week - after the lockdown in India was lifted.

How to ride a rollercoster

MT.DERM succeeded in India in what all medium-sized companies in our country dream of, namely a classic "V-recovery". However, this was by no means a coincidence, but was due to the consistent and continuous optimization of business processes in recent years. Berthold Schuler anchored quality management, absolute customer orientation and process management in his Indian company. Through intelligent warehousing and efficient supply chains, MT.DERM was able to meet demand again immediately after the lockdown.

Schuler thus also confirms our experience: In India, one must not allow oneself to be held back by certain prejudices and be satisfied with 80 percent solutions. Particularly in such a difficult market, the effectiveness and efficiency of one's own organization is a prerequisite for being able to compete at all. Therefore, the constant optimization of processes must always be the focus of corporate management in India.

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