We all entered new territory this spring. Because Covid-19 has changed a lot in business life: for example, how we work together in and between companies or how we develop solutions for our customers' requirements. But this requires creativity and a willingness to tread unconventional paths.

The participants of the sales panel at the WB India Summit agreed on this: While many companies are/were paralyzed, managers like Michael Karner (Business Segment Leader, Compact Hydro Asia, Andritz AG, Delhi) or Holger Wilde (Sales Director, GBneuhaus GmbH, Neuhaus) simply took the reins, respectively their suppliers and customers by the hand. With determination, and without always waiting for clear answers, companies like Andritz AG or Gbneuhaus were able to develop their business in India and thus serve the market with their products and services. That, too, is supply chain management.

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