In the current WB Business Climate Index India just under half of all 107 India managers surveyed report that they are being forced to cut costs in India as a result of the Corona-related revenue losses. However, due to the physical distance (and lack of transparency), they have problems making an objective assessment of their organisations in India and are therefore unable to implement the necessary measures. This is because travel restrictions still make it impossible to be on site for audits and optimizations with the necessary frequency.

Remote management & optimization from a distance

Therefore, we, from Dr. Wamser + Batra, have developed the established management method Gemba (Walk) for the dynamically changing challenges in India. Through our methodological expertise and on-site process experts, we can uncover inefficiencies and quality deficits in India for our client in virtual conferences as well as on-site audits and identify optimization potential without being on site ourselves.

To learn more about this process and our method, contact Volker Klosowski. He and Michael Enderle, experts in business process optimization, recently discussed successful business management and productivity gains in India with company representatives. To get the recording of the webinar, please contact us.

As Michael Enderle also summarizes well here again, the critical success factors are:

  • Intercultural Competence and Open Mind.
  • A powerful (and loyal) local team that is empowered to act on its own and can draw on the (management) resources of the parent company.
  • Standardization is the key to preventing the same mistake from being made again.
  • You can only achieve what you can measure.
  • Continuous effort and repetition are essential for sustained business success in India. "Monitoring" and consistency are key - but based on mutual trust (and not control).

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