Good sales always work in a very similar way: a clear objective, a clean target group focus and a well-managed customer conversation are the be-all and end-all of sales. In this 3-hour online workshop, we refresh general sales basics, look at the specifics of sales with North America and South Asia, and practice a sequence of a sales call live.

We cordially invite you to our live online sales training:

Sales basics 1: the sales talk

on Thursday, 25.03.21 - from 10:00 to 13:00 hrs.

Contents of the workshop

  • The basics: goals, target groups, customer needs, questioning techniques...
  • Acquisition: traditional acquisition, acquisition by means of "new" media
  • Scheduling appointments: email, LinkedIn, phone, physical vs. online appointments, time horizon, agenda....
  • The preparation for the interview: the location, setting up the video call, if necessary how to get there, the necessary material.
  • The sales call: Time, agenda, script (introduction, main part, conclusion), agreements, homework
  • Training live: Sequence of a sales call
  • Follow-ups, resubmissions, CRM
  • Sales in North America and South Asia

Participation in the event is free of charge!

This training is aimed at all sales staff, project managers with international interfaces and negotiators.

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Speaker Info:

Sonjoy Chaudhury, Senior Expert at Dr. Wamser+Batra GmbH, has life, work and sales experience on three continents, including several years in India and the USA. As an entrepreneur, he has gained valuable and intensive first-hand experience in market entry and business development in both India and the USA.