The second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic has hit India particularly hard. Shocked, we listen to the reports of our colleagues from the major Indian cities and follow the weekly development of events.

But the effects are even more devastating in the country's rural areas. There, initial relief efforts are often not deployed and people are left to their fate. The second wave rages unstoppably, wiping out entire families. The population in the villages is powerless and has no means to effectively combat the pandemic.

To counteract this development, we support the Dharma Life initiative and now ask you to do the same: help us to help together!





How are people doing in rural India?

The initiative's large network and the many helpers on the ground provide an up-to-date and, above all, realistic insight into the situation on the ground. For example, reports from the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Uttur Pradesh show the difficulties people are facing:




How can we help?

Many companies - like us at WB - are supporting employees in India and implementing relief measures to provide further protection from infection and/or from the consequences of infection. But what about the people in rural areas, who are often not the focus of relief measures and also have no employer who can provide assistance?

In these areas in particular, there is a great deal of uncertainty, which, for example, leads people to even accept infection instead of being vaccinated. As long as there are no nationwide measures to educate people, the fear of vaccination will remain omnipresent.

We want to help this section of the Indian population and have joined hands with Dharma Life to put together three packages of relief measures to bring quick and effective help to the people:

The Dharma Life initiative has been able to collect around 100,000 $ so far to help the people in the rural areas. More detailed information and more about the You can learn more about Dharma Life's approach here. 


You would like to support our campaign?

Our relief action and the initiative of Dharma Life can be supported by everyone: Both as a company (with or without a subsidiary or permanent establishment in India) or as a private person, every commitment is welcome and urgently needed!

You can choose one of our packages (equipment - organization - communication), which you would like to support. For this, a note in the purpose of the transfer is sufficient, so that an internal allocation can take place. A general contribution is of course also possible.


Please use the following account details for your donation:

Account holder: Dharmalife Foundation gGmbH
Bank: Deutsche Bank PFK AG, Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE20 3007 0024 0058 5778 00

You would like to donate through your Indian subsidiary or transfer directly to an Indian account? Here you will find the necessary information.


Dharma Life

The initiative Dharma Life set itself the goal more than 10 years ago of strengthening the livelihoods of people in India's rural regions and driving sustainable economic growth. Its network now consists of more than 17,500 companies in 14 states.

With the project We for Village Sangram the initiative is responding to the plight of people during the second wave of the Corona pandemic. Through their network, relevant information regarding Covid testing, treatment and vaccination is reaching the most remote corners of the country to educate and protect people. We are also part of this project - as are many other companies.



Thank you for your support!