With the onset of the pandemic last year, we all faced a new, unknown situation. Since then, every single one of us has been worried about our family, friends and colleagues. But the concern does not stop at the companies either. As an entrepreneur, you should take responsibility for your own employees, especially in such moments. 


In most European countries, protective measures and regulations within companies are prescribed by the state. In this way, everyone is fighting together against the widespread spread of the pandemic.  


A large number of the measures were also adapted abroad. For example, testing, home office regulations and other protective measures were introduced in the Indian subsidiaries and operating facilities of European companies to protect and support local employees. 


Health insurance - not a matter of course in India


In Europe, protective measures against the Covid19 pandemic are diverse. In many places, state requirements are supplemented by individual, company measures. However, one basic security has already become a matter of course for us: health insurance. In the event of illness or hospitalization, we receive the necessary treatment and, above all, are financially protected. 


However, this self-evident fact is not a basic right worldwide. In India in particular, the insurance policies that companies offer their employees have very low coverage amounts. The costs for a more intensive treatment and especially a hospital stay, which is usually part of a corona infection, are usually not completely covered by the insurances. 


Companies offer their employees additional insurance cover


If companies with Indian locations want to offer their employees protection that takes effect even when all precautionary and hygienic measures have failed, (additional) health insurance is a sensible option - even for those companies whose employees are scattered throughout the country. 


In this case, we were approached by a European news agency that works with many freelancers in India. Staff who have been keeping us up to date with developments in the Indian situation with their reporting for months and who are themselves constantly exposed to the pandemic and have to deal with the dramatic consequences on the ground. 


Due to the scattered work locations of the employees, protective measures such as a central test facility or similar are not feasible. However, before a company decides whether and which insurance should be considered, the circumstances and requirements must be analysed:


  • Review of existing insurance: Is the existing coverage enough to pay for the costs in case of infection and illness? 


  • Research Hospitalization: What is the average length of hospital stay and/or ICU stay due to Covid19 infection in each city?  
  • Cost Review: What is the average cost of Covid19 treatment in a private hospital? 


  • Insurance verification: Cost calculation and coverage of different insurances compared to each other 


  • Review of disbursements: Do insurance companies even pay out up to stated limits? 


  • Vaccination training: Examination of whether there are requirements for vaccination training and education 


  • Immunization Centers: Examination of whether the establishment of vaccination centres would be useful 




Insurance package for all employees


Together with the news agency and various insurance companies, we were able to put together a suitable health insurance package for all employees.  


In the event of infection and illness, they are at least financially well protected and can concentrate on getting better - without thinking about how the stay in hospital will be financed.