We look back (again) on a turbulent year. There have been many challenges that have piled up on all of us. At the same time, opportunities and new potential have developed. Just as we did, for example, with WB Risk Prevention Systems have built up a new business area and gained new WB colleagues.

In spring, India was hit by a severe, second wave of the pandemic. We followed the weekly developments through our colleagues and reported to you in our Weekly Update about it. Rural regions were hit particularly hard. Together with the organization Dharma Life we have therefore Fundraiser 'Help for India into being. At this point, once again, many thanks to all who have participated!

However, our main concern was also for our colleagues on site. With hygiene measures, vaccination campaigns and home office arrangements, we were able to make at least a small contribution to ensuring that they were able to survive the months safely.

Home office under difficult conditions

At our European sites, we had already been working predominantly in the Home Office or at least hybrid work. So we were very well prepared, both technically and organizationally, so that day-to-day business could continue smoothly.

The fact that we also managed to do this in India is primarily a great achievement by our colleagues at the Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and our Indian headquarters in New Delhi. Here, too, our technical equipment and already established systems and software gave us an advantage. With the first signs of an emerging crisis situation, we were able to react and prepare our colleagues for the move to the home office.

But even if you can send employees to the home office, it doesn't mean that everyone has the ideal (especially spatial) conditions or even a study. Children running around or whole families in the background, who after all cannot hide all day, especially in small apartments, or video calls from the bathroom would be part of our everyday life from now on.

2021 - a reason to say thank you!

Despite the difficult circumstances, all WB colleagues have stayed motivated through the last twelve months and thus also maintained day-to-day business throughout. The fact that we have not lost a single customer during the past year is an great performance of the whole team. Thank you to each and every one of you who joined us through the year and did your part!

Speaking of team: do you even know how many colleagues we have at our Indian and European locations? In the coming months, we would like to introduce you to our team and show you all the faces that belong to the WB Group of Companies. More about that soon here on the blog and on LinkedIn.