46% of the SMEs surveyed rate their current business situation in India as good, 43% as satisfactory. Only 10% of the respondents rate their situation as poor. This is a pleasing result of the business climate index, as the mood has improved significantly compared to last year.

Our study showed that 18% of the companies fell well short of their sales expectations. Only 6% missed their sales by more than half. The declining numbers and unmet expectations are due to the still prevalent Covid19 impact. There is no company among the SMEs surveyed that has not been affected by the pandemic or its associated consequences.

Positive assessment despite pandemic-related difficulties

In our study on the business climate in India, we shed light on the reasons for the lack of sales and obstacles to growth in general. Likewise, the most important topics of the long-term India strategy of medium-sized companies.

The results of our study are positive, despite the ongoing effects of the pandemic. They show that medium-sized companies from the DACH region are still committed to the Indian market and perceive the potential offered to them there.


Neutral and realistic evaluation by medium-sized companies

For the fourth time, we have conducted the WB Business Climate Index India. The original reason is still relevant today: With our survey we want to get a neutral and realistic impression from the point of view of the local medium-sized companies. Because we still experience that surveys in connection with India are often characterized by 'self-promotion', customer acquisition or other intransparent influences.

As every year, we rely on the assessment of our 500+ customers, who themselves are gaining more and more India experience and can thus assess their own business development, economic influences and also future priorities. Our results have been made available to the public unfiltered, neutrally and free of charge since the first survey in 2017.

Download: WB Business Climate Index India 2021 Download: WB Business Climate Index India 2021

Here you will find the Infographic to the WB Business Climate Index India 2021.