Arup Sen Gupta

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Arup Sen Gupta's expertise lies in the analysis and technical evaluation of production processes. Starting with the purchase of raw materials through to the manufacturing process, he checks every stage of the production process from an economic and technical point of view in order to identify inefficiencies and identify opportunities for optimization. With more than 100 restructuring and process optimization projects over the last 20 years, he has been able to help mid-sized companies eliminate weak points in material flows or production and significantly improve production results.

Growing up in both cultures and closely connected with India through numerous projects of cultural exchange, Mr. Sen Gupta is also well versed in the German as well as Indian (working) world and is familiar with their respective differences.

The Indian market is big and the cultural differences between Germany and India are not negligible. My deep knowledge of both cultures and mentalities as well as my many years of experience in implementing efficiency-enhancing measures in production plants make me the ideal partner and companion for restructuring measures in both countries.