Bernd Meissner

Expert for Change Management

India expert for

turnaround management

In more than 6 years of management experience in India (including as CEO of Flender Ltd.), Bernd Meissner has not only proven that he can successfully manage companies under difficult conditions, but also lead and motivate employees from a different culture. In doing so, he has always sought a direct link to day-to-day business and has never forgotten to lend a hand himself when the situation demands it.

He had ample opportunity to do this in India, where he actively "played" in almost all areas of the company (production, engineering, purchasing, quality, personnel). He was able to achieve the greatest impact, particularly in complex projects in supply chain management, the development of local sourcing and the expansion of production.

India requires a particularly high degree of "management attention", as it is a real challenge to achieve predefined goals with predefined paths. I was able to experience this first hand and learn to master it during my years in India.

Bernd Meissner leads in particular optimization & change management projects in the (metal) industry.

Qualifications : Dipl.-Ing. (FH) in production engineering.
Since 2009: several management positions as CEO and Managing Director in India, among others at Siemens AG.
Since 2018: Senior Expert at Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH
Interim Management