Karsten Echle

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Finance & Compliance

Mr. Echle is a business graduate with more than 14 years of experience in the area of finance / controlling in medium-sized companies, mainly in the automotive supply and electronics industry in south-west Germany. He lived and worked in India for several years, where he held executive positions.

For example, as Finance Director / CFO Mr. Echle was involved in the successful establishment of a German-Indian joint venture company in the Delhi area. As the sole representative of the German side on site, he headed the automotive supplier company and proactively drove its development across departments. It quickly and profitably developed into a figurehead of the participating company groups.
At WB, he manages projects in the area of  finance & compliance, such as the resolution of acute crisis situations in subsidiaries / joint ventures in India as well as on-site inventories and internal audits.

Through my operational work as a kind of “universal bridgehead and contact person” of the German Joint Venture parent company in India and the daily cooperation with my local team, I had ample opportunity to get to know the local way of thinking and working, with all its positive and negative aspects, enlightening and sometimes also very disturbing facets. The close cooperation with the Indian joint venture partner also enabled me to gain valuable knowledge of the Indian market and deep insights into Indian entrepreneurship.