Marcel Hagens

Expert for crisis prevention

WB Risk Prevention Systems

After his career as a professional volleyball player, Marcel Hagens began his professional career in risk management and insurance.

He has over 25 years' experience in international terrorism, K&R and war-related consultancy and insurance solutions specialising in these areas.

Based in the Netherlands, Marcel Hagens has spent much of his time in numerous crisis regions around the world, working for his clients in active war zones - in Afghanistan alone he was more than 365 days in total in areas affected by war and terrorism.

He graduated in International Terrorism from the University of St Andrews specialising in Critical Infrastructure, Maritime and Aviation Terrorism and is also a qualified HAZOP leader and mediator.

As an insurance/risk consultant, he is our expert to analyse all potential risks and mitigating factors together with our clients and, for example, to close the gap between manageable risk and crisis by means of special insurance policies.

He has acted as mediator in several conflicts between employers and employees.

As a HAZOP leader, he has 4+ years of experience being responsible for the HAZOP process and documentation of a plastic-to-fuel process.

Marcel Hagens is a native Dutch speaker, but speaks and writes fluent German and English.