Melanie Jain

Project Manager

Expert for

Market Entry

As Senior Project Manager, Mrs. Jain is responsible for initiating and implementing projects, setting up project plans as well as monitoring the project process. She also assists project leaders in carrying out these tasks. To this end, she is in regular contact with the Indian team and serves as an interface between it and the project leaders i.e. account leaders.

Being of Indo-German origin, she grew up in Germany and then has lived and worked in India for several years. Thus, the differences between the Indian and German (working) behavior are familiar to her.

“Implementing a project in India as in Germany is not possible, as different outer conditions – a different understanding of time, the limited availability of data etc. – hamper the project process. It is crucial not to let yourself get frustrated by the fact that the process is seldom straightforward, but rather to accept detours without losing your goal out of sight or getting entangled.”