Mike D. Batra

Co-Founder & CEO

Expert for

Human Resources
Turnaround Management
Interim Management

Grown up in both cultures, around 20 years of experience as a director of German subsidiaries and in their projects in India, being located for several years in New Delhi. His expertise in projects at WB is especially in the field of market entry, recruiting, optimisation of sales & distribution as well as establishing production setups for German companies in India.

Having experienced both cultures from childhood on as well as the Indian and German business life is a very exciting mixture to me: Indian entrepreneurship, paired with German thinking and thoroughness. I consider it my strength to have internalized both sides – both Indian and German peculiarities – and to consider them in the development and implementation of solutions within projects.

The responsibilities of Mike D. Batra in the Consulting Firm Dr. Wamser + Batra are predominantly in the division WB market solutions®. He has a special focus on market entry strategies, formation of distribution channels and optimisation of distribution channels.