Rajavadivel Santhanakrishnan

Senior Expert and Project Manager

A polyglot globetrotter, Raja is a management generalist adept at formulating macro level organic and inorganic growth strategies that enables businesses to expand into unexplored territories. 'Operational excellence in every function of the organization' being his professional motto and equipped with techno-commercial skills, his competence to dissect complex problems and devise simple yet structured solutions taking into account the organization's vision will be a huge asset for WB. Being at the helm of affairs and having handled culturally diversified teams, he understands the implications of discounting cultural differences between stakeholders of parent and host territories on strategy implementation, thus accommodating the ethnic subtleties when devising assertive country or region-specific growth plans.

"A strategy will only be as good as the paper on which it is written, unless it accounts for the cultural differences that could hinder its smooth implementation on the ground. It is crucial for organizations to study the nuances of host society to avoid futile attempts at globalizing their operations. Throughout my experience managing businesses across three continents over the last two decades, apart from technical knowledge and ability to discern policy regulations, cultural adaptability was the one skill that I depended largely to sail me through when assigned with the task to expand operations to uncharted geographies."

In addition to general function, Raja is exceptional in conducting market research including but not limited to market size evaluation, competition's playground, techno-commercial product assessment, internal and external factors that impact revenues, collating and analyzing customer aspirations etc., that are key for product/services management during market expansions.