Ralph Tobergte

interim manager

Expert for

interim management
crisis management

Mr. Tobergte is an India expert and experienced manager, who primarily works as an interim manager at client's facilities in India within crisis and turnaround management projects at WB.

He has previously worked for many years in leading positions in India, among others for Wacker Chemie and ThyssenKrupp.

"In doing so, I was able to "learn" India and experience what is possible in India and how India is functioning and how to achieve one's goals. I was in a position to experience all challenges, risks and difficulties of India at first hand and develop solutions. A core challenge is dealing with the Indian culture and the Indian behaviour. India "works" quite differently from Europe and the response patterns of people diverge strongly. And yet, a relationship of trust must be established that is based upon equality, partnership and mutual acceptance. A true challenge, both for Europeans and for Indians!"

Mr. Tobergte acts as an interim manager of WB i.e. is being temporarily employed as a managing director in India for WB's clients. For example, if a crisis can only be overcome through an India-experienced (but "German-thinking") manager or during a restructuring or transition phase, the client wants the management on site to be taken over by Mr. Tobergte.