Sonjoy Chaudhury

Expert for Business Development and HR-Solutions

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Market Entry
Human Resources

Made in India, exported to Germany and refined in America – Sonjoy Chaudhury has lived, worked and sold on four continents, including more than three years in India. As an entrepreneur he was able to gain valuable and intensive first-hand experiences in market entry and business development in India. He now shares his experiences with our WB clients.

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by my father’s country of origin. This was one of the major reasons for me to start a business in and with India. During my professional career on four continents I have learned to conduct client-meetings in a very goal-oriented manner and to always put my clients´ interests at the centre of all activities. This customer orientation now needs to be sharpened with our WB customers so that their products and services also sell well in India!

Core competencies: bringing talent from India into jobs in Germany, and building up teams of talent for European companies in India. He also helps European companies to improve the performance of their teams in India. Sonjoy Chaudhury, in collaboration with other leading experts, has developed a 5-step method for “Sales Excellence India – Sales Optimisation Indian Markets”: Customer Focus, Innovation, Logistics, Processes, Excellence. This proven method will also enable your company to achieve your “Sales Excellence India”!

Qualifications : Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Agriculture with a major in South Asian Agriculture.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialisation on International Business Development and Strategy.
2002 - 2014: Senior Consultant at MLP.
2014 - 2018: Co-founder and Managing Director of ISG International Students for Germany.
Since 2018: Senior Expert at Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH.