Werner Heesen

Expert Strategy

senior expert

crisis management
interim management
human resources

In recent decades, changes have been the "usual" for Werner Heesen. He has worked for Lufthansa on 3 continents in various management positions and has lived and actively shaped the term "Change Management" during this time. He spent 13 exciting years in India - most recently in the position of "Director South Asia". In addition to the successful establishment and expansion of the Lufthansa organization as part of the Group strategy for the subcontinent, his responsibilities included negotiations at the highest political decision-making levels, crisis management in a wide variety of situations, the operational management of Indian companies, the development of medium-sized business units and negotiations with Indian trade unions.

"To be successful in India requires not only the right entrepreneurial decisions but also the ability not to lose sight of one's own objectives in discussions and negotiations with Indian employees or business partners - without being authoritarian or arrogant. However, this requires a form of pursuit and assertiveness that I have not experienced in any other country in the world. I am happy to pass on this experience of actively managing and controlling business processes to our clients.

Since 2012, he has also been making this experience and his special knowledge available to clients in WB projects as Senior Expert.