Werner Tauss

Expert Yield Management

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human resources

As an executive and independent management consultant (in Europe and Asia), Werner Tauss, during his career, was mainly concerned with people, processes and numbers. The control of capacities and prices (yield management) was and is the central topic of his professional life. Mr. Tauss has held various management positions at Lufthansa AG, SIXT AG and AIDA Cruises, among others, where he was responsible for sales and led small teams as well as larger departments. For Lufthansa, he founded an IT subsidiary in India and managed it for several years as a member of the Board of Directors.

Corporate success requires good products, but good products alone do not guarantee success. Success always requires committed, enthusiastic and loyal employees at all levels. There are seldom bad employees, but there are significantly more misplaced employees.

Werner Tauss now brings his experience in the selection, organisation and management of employees and organisational structures in India as a senior expert.