Brabender commissioned WB with a market study on the food sector. The focus was on the market for analysis devices for flour and starch. Market segments were accordingly industrial processors (large bakers etc.). The study focused on the clarification of the question when who makes the decision at which point and who are the market drivers for quality requirements in the flour and starch segment.

"The study showed how differently Indian baked goods manufacturers react to international demands, e.g. from system gastronomy. And at the same time, the ways in which international chains try to ensure their own quality requirements in the difficult environment in India," says Viertel.

Assessment of the overall market potential

"Processed Food" Identification of decision paths at industrial bread manufacturers (e.g. for McDonalds, Subways etc.)

Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH helped us to better understand the Indian market and its peculiarities. Especially the question of the "real" decision makers is difficult in India. Thanks to WB, we are now prepared for the Indian environment.

Michael Viertel, Managing Director

Project Team

Dr. Johannes Wamser
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