DÖRKEN Coatings

DÖRKEN Coatings has been active in India for many years and has a comprehensive coating network for the local and international industry. Dr. Wamser + Batra Unternehmensberatung für Indien provided the company with significant support in establishing and expanding its commitment to India.

Whether automotive or renewable energies, construction or construction machinery: The effective micro-layer corrosion protection systems of DÖRKEN Coatings are used in various industries and always meet the highest quality standards.

However, customers can expect not only first-class products, but above all intelligent and comprehensively elaborated solutions. The focus is on the individual concerns and requirements of 100%. Whether it is the development of new products or systems or the training of employees - DÖRKEN Coatings is happy to support its customers in all projects. With more than 30 years of experience, technological excellence and teamwork, they see themselves as Corrosion Experts. And as the European market leader for effective corrosion protection, they always pursue the goal of driving the industry forward with innovations. Since 2001, the company has been expanding worldwide and is now present with a licensed coating network with more than 300 plants. In India, too, DÖRKEN Coatings has corresponding structures and a comprehensive coating network and serves both local and international customers with the coating systems produced by DÖRKEN Coatings.

"We have been working successfully with WB since 2006," says Onnen von Bredow, Head of Asian Business at DÖRKEN Coatings. During the last 10 years, DÖRKEN has used WB's expertise on various topics, such as evaluating strategic issues, personnel issues, evaluating potential coaters, and procedures in Indian tax and corporate law. "The cooperation is characterized by professionalism, reliability and mutual trust", says von Bredow, "therefore we plan to continue using WB's expertise for us in the future".

Performance measurement of the existing sales structure

Personnel restructuring in Sales India

Search for potential Indian contract coaters

Support with administrative questions of all kinds

The cooperation over the last 10 years has been characterized by professionalism, reliability and mutual trust. Therefore, we plan to continue using WB's expertise for us in the future.

Onnen von Bredow, Head of the Business development Asia - Pacific, Vice President