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Induction & Coaching

Bridge cultural barriers

Introduce the staff to the specifications of the parent company.

Once you have hired your staff, it is often only in subsequent business practice that it becomes clear to what extent the behaviour of the Indian employees meets your expectations. A (one-off) "training visit" to Germany - even if it is for several weeks - or familiarisation measures by you in India are not sufficient to be able to apply what you have learned on a daily basis in the Indian environment.

Train technical qualification

An additional challenge is to provide Indian employees, especially in production, service and (technical) sales, with the necessary knowledge about your technology and quality requirements in the long term. The number of cases in which one's own employees handle one's own products poorly is enormous. Indian quality consciousness differs then nevertheless strikingly from the European understanding. Therefore offers WB human resources® corresponding training and coaching modules:

Our approach

  • Prepare Indian managers and executives for your parent company.

  • Communicate to your Indian management team the goals, philosophy, thinking and objectives of the parent company and ensure that they are understood and accepted.

  • Train your Indian service, sales and production personnel on site to sustainably increase quality awareness and technical competence.

Services (excerpt)

Induction of personnel with the help of training courses, (cultural) preparation of European employees for India and Indian employees for Europe as well as instruction directly on site.

Together, we accompany Indian management personnel over a longer period of time and familiarize them with the requirements and expectations of the parent company. This includes regular feedback meetings in which we also act as a "counselor" between the manager and the parent company.

Training of Indian personnel on the technical requirements in production, sales and service - to identify with the quality specifications.

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