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In this way, you can ensure that the company's goals are implemented in India in the long term.

We help you to monitor and control all business processes efficiently, even remotely.

Almost every company has negative experiences with its own Indian management or Indian employees at some point during its involvement in India. The breaking points often occur in the usual suspect areas such as quality, adherence to deadlines or reliability. Almost all problems can be traced back to different expectations and world views of the parties involved.

To avoid your cooperation with Indians turning into frustration, you need to discard the assumption that Indians think like Europeans as soon as possible and readjust your own behavior for India. To successfully run an organization in India, you need to adapt to the local environment, not the other way around. For imposing European company policies and philosophies - however successful they may be - on an Indian entity will almost certainly not work.

Our approach

  • We help you to adapt your existing personnel and management concepts to India.

  • Through appropriate leadership behaviour, you will also achieve the goals of the parent company in India.

  • Prevent non-compliance with quality, schedule and other specifications.

  • Create the leadership, control and feedback processes necessary for India.

  • This will help you avoid communication breakdowns and misjudgements that could impact your business success.

Services (excerpt)

We introduce the management staff of your parent company, who will have to deal with India at the important interfaces in the future, to the relevant behaviour and ways of thinking in dealing with Indian employees. In this way, your management team learns at an early stage what they will be facing in India and how to deal with it.

In India, what is not expressly prohibited is permitted. This leads to complex requirements for the parent companies. Together with you, we adapt your targets and metrics to India.

Continuous controls are a criterion for success in India. Irregular, missing or too lax controls give the impression in India that a company itself does not take the decisions made seriously. Together with you, we develop the necessary instruments and support you in their application.

Hierarchies are something commonplace in India. Flat management levels and teamwork are unusual and can only be recommended in exceptional cases. We help you to acquire necessary "hierarchies" and "leadership styles" and to apply them in everyday business life.

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