Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH is a medium-sized, owner-managed family business with headquarters in Sinabelkirchen, Styria (Austria). With more than 170 regional jobs and annual sales of around 250 million euros, the company is one of the leading European producers of waste-based biodiesel and the disposal of used cooking oils and fats.

More than 206,000 tons of sustainable biodiesel are produced annually at the two production sites in Vienna's Lobau oil port and Gaishorn am See. From the Sinabelkirchen site, innovative services are offered ranging from waste oil disposal and tank cleaning to the reprocessing of electric cables.

Together with Wamser + Batra, the market entry in India was prepared and successfully implemented, from the establishment of corporate structures to personnel recruitment to the operational implementation of the corporate strategy.

Finalisation of incorporation & basic business registrations

Filling the position of Managing Director

Accounting and administration of the Indian branch

If you think you can simply transfer your business model to India, you are very much mistaken. And anyone who believes that this can be done without a translator is even more mistaken. With Wamser + Batra, we have not only found this interpreter, but rather a companion who optimally prepared and accompanied us for the challenges in India.

Michael Münzer, Owner

Project Team

Burkhard Wiegert
Risk management
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