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Executive Search & Recruitment

We find personalities that really fit you and your corporate culture.

In India, good personnel are scarce and therefore difficult to find. The selection is made difficult by a large number of manipulated CVs and false references. Likewise, the serious applicants have to be singled out from the large group of pure opportunists, job hoppers and candidates who have no serious interest in your company at all by means of appropriate interviews and assessment tests. The recruiting process in India is correspondingly more complex and lengthy than in Europe. On the one hand you have to manage the quantity, on the other hand you have to search for the quality like a needle in a haystack.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the search for Indian specialists and executives. We have been able to successfully place well over 100 Indian managing directors in recent years. Our greatest success is the length of stay of the recruited personnel in the companies, which is far above the market average.

Our approach

  • Benefit from our unique recruitment processes and methods of our Indian experts and India-experienced managers in Europe.

  • Through our structures in India, we manage the quantity of applications, sort out "creative" CVs and check references.

  • Our personnel experts in Europe ensure not only the quality of the candidates (qualifications), but also their compatibility with the company (personality).

Services (excerpt)

Identify your actual staffing needs in India and define responsibilities (job profiles, job descriptions)

Our team in India searches together with our HR experts in Europe for the ideal candidates for your company. Together we conduct the selection interviews and aptitude tests. We support you with the personnel decision, including the determination of the compensation models and employment contracts.

Trust is good, control is better - especially in India. We develop concrete target agreements and sanction mechanisms as well as optimisation and training measures with your team.

Our comprehensive set of methods enables you to better evaluate or compare candidates.

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Tips & Tricks for your recruitment in India

The adventure of recruiting in India

Recruitment in India has always been a challenge. Recent figures show that caution continues to be the order of the day. The globally active specialist company