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Increase your local competitiveness!

We have already been responsible for numerous large investment projects in India.

Products "Made in Europe" are technologically often vastly superior to Indian products, but also correspondingly more expensive. You are only addressing the top and extremely small niche of the richest consumers, most international companies, etc., which probably only accounts for 1-2 percent of the total market. The real growth, on the other hand, is in the middle class. However, their customer needs are often hardly satisfied by European products. And this explicitly applies not only to B2C, but also to B2B business!

Use India in your global value chain.

The supposedly high price can often be mitigated by local assembly or the purchase of local components. However, in order to really reach a broader customer base in India and thus achieve market relevance, the products often have to be specially adapted to Indian customer needs.

Indian customers want European quality and reliability, but are often satisfied with significantly fewer functions and less complexity ("frugal innovation"). These products, developed specifically for the Indian market, can often be successfully exported to other emerging markets in Asia, Africa, South and Central America.

We accompany companies in setting up production in India.

Experienced managers, who have already successfully set up production sites in India themselves, support you in the entire project planning and implementation.

  • Get clarity on the pros and cons of local manufacturing in India - after strategic and entrepreneurial points of view.

  • We accompany our customers, from planning to the start of production on site, in all important processes.
  • Benefit from our experience in Site selection, Property search and the corresponding Admissions.

Services for plant construction in India

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Tips & Tricks for your production in India

Avoid labor disputes & strikes in India

India (according to the constitution: Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India) is historically known for work stoppages and strikes. For about two