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Our highest goal is the unassailability of your company - in India and in Europe!

There are many pitfalls lurking in business in India. A lack of care in planning one's own business activities as well as euphoria quickly take revenge in India and can sooner or later cause stress with authorities and business partners (joint venture partners).

Prevention is better than cure!

The issue of "tax permanent establishments" is a classic that should not be underestimated and has serious financial and legal consequences. The often lamented risk of corruption can also often be traced back to a lack of risk management in India. Often there is no malicious intent behind it, but a lack of risk awareness, carelessness, laziness or ignorance. Minimize the risk of misuse through incorrect billing, hidden payments or deliberate violations of the law.

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  • Protect yourself from the onslaught of Indian bureaucracy and competition!

  • Reduce the potential for corruption in the administration to zero.

  • Back yourself up contractually to 100% and don't allow any interpretations.

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