The Randack company is a producer of special screws and fasteners for the automotive and wind power industries, among others. The company now operates a production company in India.

WB accompanied the company during protracted joint venture negotiations and assisted in the formulation of an alternative strategy. The subsequent establishment of the production company on site in India was carried out by WB.

Accompaniment of joint venture negotiations with an Indian company

Development of an alternative scenario "Without JV

Termination of joint venture negotiations and decision for alternative scenario

Implementation of the entire company formation in India

Search for suitable workshops in Pune

When we were about to enter into a joint venture in India with an Indian partner, we asked WB to accompany us in the process. The expertise of the consultants, the candor and clarity of your statements, and their negotiation skills resulted in WB saving us from a major calamity and ultimately we were able to decide against the Indian joint venture partner. Therefore, we are glad and grateful to have worked with WB."

Jens Randack, Managing Partner

Project Team

Dr. Johannes Wamser
turnaround management
joint ventures