TRIMILL, a.s. is a Czech manufacturer of high-speed machining centres for tool, mould and die making, but also for applications in the production and aerospace industries. The TRIMILL product range includes both vertical and horizontal HSC machines for multi-axis applications. TRIMILL has been marketing India for years, as the Indian market offers an attractive potential for niche solutions, especially as TRIMILL can offer assembly and commissioning, training as well as machine service on site. Therefore TRIMILL decided in 2010 to become active locally with its own TRIMILL India Liaison Office. After completion of the relevant project, installation and maintenance work, the liaison office was closed again in 2014.

An important success factor was, of course, to find an appropriately suitable head of the liaison office on site. Someone who fits TRIMILL, understands the products and philosophy and who is willing to fully engage with a rather smaller supplier from Europe. Mr. Holik explains: "Due to the strategic importance, we therefore decided to approach an appropriately suited service provider who would help us to find not an off-the-shelf employee, but someone who could bring our business forward in the long term. We are highly satisfied with the result, but also with the entire project process of Dr. Wamser + Batra; the project was successfully completed. We were impressed by the approach of WB and their project teams as well as the achieved quality of the preliminary work and interviews."

Establishment of a Liaison Office

Search for a Head of Liaison Office

Provision of all administrative services

Organisation of the installation and maintenance work to be carried out

Termination of the Liaison Office after successful project completions

The cooperation with WB was a very good choice for TRIMILL, especially with regard to the recruitment requirements in our Indian business. We were able to get to know a selection of good and suitable candidates and were also enthusiastic about WB's support and guidance during the final selection in India. The end result was highly satisfactory.

Pavel Holik, Business Director Asia

Project Team

Mike D. Batra
market development