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Concentrate on your core competencies!

We support 100 European medium-sized companies and corporations in the management of their company in India.

Our main concern is to actively support companies in their rapid and sustainable growth in India. Therefore, we are happy to take the burden of administrative tasks off your shoulders, so that you can concentrate on the actual market development and earning money in India.

Don't be left alone with the complexities of Indian tax and corporate law either!

In this sense we care first and foremost about your Financial and payroll accountingincluding all tax issues (tax compliance) and the so-called Secretarial Compliances, that is, ensuring that all your activities are in compliance with the Indian Companies Act, 2013.

Our experts set up companies in India and then handle the day-to-day administration of subsidiaries, joint ventures and liaison offices.

Leverage the experience of former Indian CFOs etc.

  • With us you also have a direct Contact person in Germany

  • We have 40 subject matter experts at the locations New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai

  • We do not subcontract core tasks

Our claim is to be approachable for you at any time - without time difference and without linguistic or intercultural misunderstandings. Benefit from German project managers who have "first-hand" experience in Indian company administration.

Administrative services for India

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