The Swiss company WEKA AG is expanding its presence on the Indian subcontinent with its new partner Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt. Ltd. In cooperation with Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH, the evaluation and development of the partnership was successful, as well as the further expansion to local license production.

The process took a total of almost two years - from the start of the search to the start of the cooperation with the company Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt. Ltd. Because you don't find an efficient sales partner simply by researching member lists or by circular letter. "Especially good potential sales partners in India are often so focused on their daily work that you don't run into them at a trade fair and don't immediately cause euphoria," explains Melanie Jain, project manager at Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH. On the one hand, the potential partners have to be examined very carefully - also with regard to infrastructure, performance and reputation in the market; on the other hand, it takes many rounds of talks until common goals have been defined and mutual expectations have become transparent. This can take many weeks, sometimes months.

The establishment of the cooperation as well as the first experiences were so promising that WEKA AG and Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt. Ltd. have meanwhile extended the cooperation. The implementation of local licensed production is now under construction. The aim is to be able to work the Indian market at the beginning of 2020 with a fully-fledged licensed manufacturer and to stand out from the competition with Swiss quality know-how.

Preliminary assessment of the market potential in India

Search for one or more suitable commercial agents in India

Auditing / further examination of the suitability of interested candidates / potential representatives

Determination of common goals, expectations, conditions, contract contents

Signature, first joint steps, follow-up discussions / adjustments

Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH accompanied us during both important steps: Both during the actual search, as well as during the initial communication until the start of business activities. Especially with the second point, we had to learn how different India and Europe are. Had it not been for Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH, we probably would have broken off the talks much earlier in frustration instead of recognizing misunderstandings and different expectations. It was the moderation of the process by Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH that created the transparency and openness in the discussions that has enabled us to work together with our Indian partner in a way that is now very trusting.

John M. Andrea, International Sales Manager

Project Team

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